My Goals

For some, January 1st is the time for setting goals for the year ahead. These “resolutions” tend to share common themes, such as weight and fitness, financial wellbeing, or mental health. They also tend to share a common demise, with the habit required not sticking and the resolution being discarded by the middle of February.

In an attempt to deviate front his norm, I instead set and adjust goals on an ongoing basis. And I try to create goals where I can be supported in their implementation, so as to serve in their success. I’ve also set up this web page to be a living document where I can share my goals and their progress.

This page was last updated on May 26th 2020. It will be reviewed on June 18th 2020.

Professional and Financial Goals

My current professional and financials goals are:

Transition to full-time work

My major professional goal of this year is to transition back to a full-time working schedule. I am currently working 3 days a week at The Familiar Ltd.

2020/21 Earnings of over £30,000

For much of the last few years, I’ve lived in less than £500 per month. This year, I would like to get my income back on track, with the goal to earn over £30,000 in the 2020/21 financial year.

Salary as of April 11th 2020: £13,260 FTE: £22,100

Pay Off My Short-Term Debts

I have short-term debts from previous years living on very limited budgets. I hope to have paid these off by the end of 2020. These debts are:

Total to be paid: £4,897.38 ⬇️

Change since April 11th 2020: ⬇️ £529.96

Run Five Design Sprints with The Familiar

This year, I plan to run at least FIVE Design Sprints with The Familiar. If your company or app could benefit from solving a big problem in a short time frame, let me know and help me reach this target.

Design Sprints Run in 2020: 0

Health and Well-being Goals

My current health and well-being goals are:

Weight management programme

I’ve taken steps to start a weight management programme that focuses on exercise, diet, and mental wellbeing.

This programme has now started.

Life-Long Learning and Ongoing Development Goals

My current life-long learning and ongoing development goals are:

Transition to part-time Open University

I accidentally chose 120 credits for my first year of Open University, instead of the normal 60 credits. This means that I’ve been doing a full-time equivalent degree since October. Starting with the Second Stage and second year of my degree, I will reduce my commitment to 60 units per year, allowing me to transition to full-time employment.

As of May 2020, this transition will be complete.

This transition is now complete.

Become a Mental Health First Aider

Mental health problems are increasingly present in the world. There are now courses teaching how to be a mental health first aider, someone who can help in the first instance of a mental health issue, the same as a traditional first aider would attend to a cut.