iPad Pro and Working Copy

It is no secret that I am a fan of the iPad Pro. Since finally being able to afford one after nearly 5 years of trying to save for an iPad, it has become my main “big computer”. Obviously, my iPhone remains the device that is closest to me at all times, but I increasingly use the iPad for anything that requires a big screen or typing, instead of using my MacBook Air (which is nearly 6 years old).

Part of my use of the iPad Pro is to try and dismiss the notion that it is not a productivity machine. That, despite all of its power, it is something that can only be used for consumption - such as reading eBooks or watching Netflix - instead of being a device on which real work and production can happen.

Whilst I admit that I have yet to find a replacement for Sketch.app for the iPad Pro (though, I haven’t tried every alternative), there are many apps that turn the iPad into a Pro device. One of these is Working Copy, an app by Anders Borum.

An image of this post being edited in Working Copy on iPad Pro.

This app has a simple promise and premise - “the powerful Git client for iOS that clones, edits, commits, pushes & more.” And, in my two weeks using the app, I must say that promise is very well delivered. And I was very happy to hand over the £15.99 for the Pro version (though, that was then covered by @monkchips. Thank you kindly!).

Since using Working Copy, I have updated the theme and content on my website. I have downloaded an installed a minimalist theme (called portfolYou), restoredmy blog to my own domain, and uploaded and updated portfolio entries. Apart from the installation of the theme (which I did using my MacBook Air, because I’m not particularly well-versed in Forking), every single one of thsoe changes has been made and committed from my iPad Pro and Smart Keyboard Folio using Working Copy. It’s an app that makes publishing to GitHub Pages and other services incredibly simple.

If you’re looking for a Git client for iOS, or you were wondering if Git was even possible on an iOS device, check out Working Copy and let me know what you think.