Design is Iteration

Design is about evolution and iteration. Intentional change driven by research, understanding, and communicating with others.

Here you can see the evolution of two pieces for the Leas Pavilion Archive Exhibit. This exhibit, happening this week at 69 Sandgate Road, Folkestone, has been curated and designed by yours truly on behalf of the Friends of the Leas Pavilion and the Leas Pavilion Archive.

In the first two images, you can see the evolution of the flyer from its original garish design, inspired slightly by programmes and flyers of the 1960s, to a more modern representation to be used on Facebook and other social media.

In the last three images, you can see the evolution the artboards for the exhibition undertook. From a plain background with way too much white space, to an appealing Pastel Terracotta background with grid-aligned elements creating a coherent and enjoyable experience.

There is much more behind each of the boards and artefacts created for this exhibition. And I will share the full story soon enough. But, for now, it’s time for me to reflect on the wonderful Leas Pavilion building, the work I’ve done, and enjoy the opening party tomorrow evening.