With every new Apple product and OS update comes a slew of new terms and features for us to wrap our heads around. In preparation for Apple’s new OS releases this Autumn, here’s the latest update.


With so many changes coming to iMessage in iOS 10, watchOS 3 and macOS Sierra, I thought it was worth iMessage getting its own section in this update.


Apps have now come to iMessage, allowing multi-person experiences for a variety of applications, including games and payments.

Content previews

URLs and other content will now be automatically expanded with a preview, making it easier to see what has been shared. For Apple Music links, this will allow the song to be played from within the Message thread.

Digital Touch

Digital Touch has moved from the Apple Watch to the iPhone and iMessage. Share taps, heartbeats, sketches and more.


Turn iPhone on its side when in a Messages thread and you can write on the screen with your finger. As you run out of space, the screen auto-advances to give you more room. The recipient will see the message exactly as you wrote it.

Send with effect

Pressing on the Send button in Messages gives you a selection of effects to use when sending your messages. These include the Gentle, Loud, Invisible Ink and Slam bubble effects, as well as the Balloons, Lasers, and Fireworks screen effects.


Send Stickers to your friends with the new stickers applications available for iMessage.


Press and hold on a message to quickly send a Tapback message. Like, dislike, and more with just a tap.

Tap to replace emoji

Changing to the emoji keyboard in a Messages thread will now select all emoji-suitable words in the message. Tapping the word will change it into an emoji.

watchOS 3

Activity Face

A new watch face introduced with watchOS 3, and available in analogue and digital forms. Shows the current time as well as your activity progress.

Activity Sharing

Share your activity progress with your friends. You’ll get updates when your friends complete a workout or close their activity rings, and they’ll get a notification when you do the same. Reply to notifications with motivational messages or smack talk.


Breathe is a new app built into watchOS 3. It reminds you to take time out of your day to breathe and be mindful, actions proven to help happiness and mental health.

Control Center

Swiping from the bottom of Apple Watch will bring up Control Centre, similar to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. From here, you can see your battery level, toggle Airplane Mode, Silent Mode and Do Not Disturb, Ping your iPhone, lock your Apple Watch, and select AirPlay audio sources.


Pressing the side button on Apple Watch will now open the Dock, where your most often used apps are hibernating, ready to be used at a moment’s notice. Apps can be pinned to the Dock if you want access to them more quickly.


The Home app comes to Apple Watch, allowing you to manage all of your HomeKit-enabled devices from your wrist.

In-App Apple Pay

Pay inside apps using Apple Pay on your Apple Watch. Also authorise Apple Pay transactions for your Mac through Safari.


A new text interface for the Apple Watch. Scribble is a small digital pad on the Apple Watch screen in which you scribble letters and punctuation.


Press and hold the side button on Apple Watch to automatically call the emergency services. The number dialled is set by the country you’re currently in. Emergency contacts can also be alerted with a message.

Wheelchair Use

Apple Watch is now designed for those who use a wheelchair in day-to-day life. Stand up notifications are replaced with “Roll” notifications and the activity rings have been redesigned to take into account the movements associated with moving around in a wheelchair.

Unlock your Mac

An Apple Watch running watchOS 3 can now automatically unlock your Mac running macOS Sierra when nearby. No longer type in your password every time.

iOS 10


Pressing hard on an app icon can now display a glanceable view, making it easier to see information from the app without having to open it.

Multilingual Typing

If you have different language keyboards set up, you no longer need to switch between them to type in those languages. Just type and iOS will recognise which language you’re typing and provide recommendations and corrections.

Press Home to unlock

iPhone is now only unlocked when the Home button is pressed. Touching your finger to the Home button will “unlock” the phone, but the Home screen will only be shown when the Home button is pressed.

Raise to wake

Picking up your iPhone will now automatically wake the screen, so you do not have to press the power button to turn on the screen.

Rich notifications

Press on a notification to see the shared image, video or to reply to a conversation.

Siri for Apps

Siri now works with certain categories of apps, making it easy to make a payment or order a pickup using just your voice.


Notification Centre and Today view have been slightly redesigned to take better advantage of Widgets. You can add a widget from an app just by hard pressing on the app and tapping “Add Widget”.

macOS Sierra

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is now on the Mac. Websites can now use Apple Pay as a payment method, when you’re using Safari. Authorise the payment using Touch ID on your iPhone or by using your Apple Watch for added security.

Auto Unlock with Apple Watch

When your Mac and Apple Watch are near each other, your Apple Watch will automatically unlock your Mac when you sit at it or open the lid.


After 15 years, OS X has been renamed. It is now called macOS, bringing it inline with Apple’s other operating systems.


Also available on iOS 10, Memories brings your photos together into video memories for you to view and share. Change the theme for different music, fonts and timings.

Optimized Storage

Your Mac can now optimise (as it’s known in the UK) its own storage. Rarely used files will be moved to the cloud and old files will be surfaced so you can delete if you need, all so you never run out of storage.

Picture in Picture

Originally a feature for the iPad, you can now float a video from Safari or iTunes over your desktop or a full-screen app, so you don’t miss a second whilst working on something else.


Siri is now on the Mac. Use your voice to search for files, play music, check the weather, see how much space you have left, and more.


macOS brings tabs to nearly every application. Now you can work on multiple documents without being bombarded with windows or spending ages swiping between Spaces.

Universal Keyboard

Copy text on your iPad and paste it on your Mac. Copy an image on your Mac and paste it on your iPhone. All through iCloud.


Automatic App Downloads

Apps purchased on your iPhone or iPad will now automatically download to your Apple TV, if a TV app is available.

Dark Mode

For those who prefer to watch TV in the dark, Dark Mode changes the mostly-white UI of tvOS into a mostly-black UI which is less taxing on the eyes in low-light conditions.


HomeKit comes back to the Apple TV with tvOS. 4th Generation Apple TVs can now be used to control your HomeKit devices using Siri, and offer a way to access your HomeKit devices through the internet from your iPhone or iPad.

Single Sign-On

Apple TV owners in America can now quickly and easily sign into their cable or satellite subscription to get access to their apps and content.

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