Two adverts by two companies. One subject. Two very different approaches and messages. Let’s take a look.


“Parenthood” - an ad in the “Powerful” series from Apple - focuses on how the iPhone can enhance the great times you have with your family, as well as be there when things aren’t quite going so well.

The music –The Life Of Dreams by Julie Dolron– paints a pleasant picture before the advert even starts. Reinforcing the notion that living a life with your children is fantastic.

The content of the advert is short scenes, where parents and children are going through the motions of what they would do in real life. A mother checking a video baby monitor when her baby cries. A father helping his daughters brush their teeth. Parents looking for their lost family dog. A dad checking for monsters under his kid’s bed.

All familiar to anyone who has a family. All enhanced by the iPhone, without a single mention of the technology being used. We all know what’s going on.


Samsung’s “Multitasking”, an unsubtle attempt to showcase the Samsung Galaxy Tab’s multitasking/multiscreen feature against the iPad, opens by pitting a father against his child, in a battle for who gets to watch something on the iPad.

Whilst I’m sure this is not a scenario that happens too often, let’s just run with it for a second and see where it goes.

The music –I Wonder Why by Dion and The Belmonts– does a fantastic job of raising the question “why do I love you?” whilst the video shows the child demanding attention/use of the tablet for watching a video, just when the dad wants to be doing something else.

Just as this scene starts unfolding, a narrator comes in with the following:

“What’s going on? Ahhh, it looks like dad’s tablet can only do one thing at a time. What if it were a Samsung Galaxy Tab S? With the Galaxy Tab S, the whole family has something to smile about.”

The video then shows the Samsung Galaxy Tab S displaying two things on screen at the same time - the dad’s football results on the left and baby’s video on the right. Everyone is happy.

Contrast and compare

The two adverts take very different approaches to do the same thing: sell you a device that enhances your life.

Apple, as is their way, shows all the good that comes of using the iPhone 5s and its applications to enhance the life you’re already having with your children. How its apps can help you see your baby when it’s crying. How you can bring fun into learning to brush your teeth. And how its torch is really handy when you need to look for the monsters under the bed. The whole thing is joyfully cut together, with an upbeat, positive song across the background.

The advert is experience led.

Samsung, as is their way, tries to make you feel like you’re missing out on something, or that your device isn’t quite as good as it could be. By playing the dad against the baby, it’s an interesting approach to sell to those who most love their offspring - parents. It’s all about one single feature beating out the opposition, rather than a device enhancing your life in many different ways.

The advert is feature led.

They’re two very different ways of selling a product to an audience, and they both work for different people. (Read more about that here).

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P.S. I won’t mention the Samsung ad they’ve made for the Super AMOLED display. I’ll just let you experience it yourself.