Just 6 short months ago, I left the country I’d lived in for all 24 years of my life thus far and flew to Barcelona to start a new chapter. I landed in Barcelona on the 6th of February, and the very next morning I was working from the Typeform.com offices.

Three weeks ago, I was asked by Ted Nash (a friend of mine and CEO of Tapdaq) if I would be interested in joining Tapdaq as their “Content Crafter and Community Manager”, as he put it.

Last week, I signed the contract. I’ll be starting working for Tapdaq as of the 1st of September, and I’m incredibly excited.

I will miss those who I have worked so closely with for the last 6 months at Typeform. Their dedication to the cause of democratising the way we ask questions online is incredible. Each and every one of them works tirelessly to make sure that Typeform is as great as it can be.

Most of all, I’ll miss my colleagues in the Marketing and Customer Success teams, who I have worked very closely with over the last 6 months. Pedro, Josef, Caio, Fernando, Agnes, Eva and Angela: It’s been a pleasure.

I must say thanks to David and Robert, the two Joint CEOs of Typeform, for giving me the opportunity to join a startup, and an excuse to move to another country and slightly outside of my comfort zone. I wish you both the best.

What’s next?

As I said, I’ll be joining Tapdaq on the 1st of September 2014. My official title is “Copywriter”, but I’m sure more will be involved. I’ll be working to create awesome content for Tapdaq’s growing developer community, as well as manage Tapdaq’s social properties.

I plan to be based in Barcelona for the next 6 months, flying to London as and when I am needed in the office. I came to this city to experience it, and I hope to do so for a little longer.

One of my posts, Make more money from your apps with these unfair advantages and life hacks!, is already online on the Tapdaq blog, with many more to come in the future.