This awesome app, conceived by Cesar Kuriyama, not only helps you compile a video of your life one second at a time, but it also sends you a 1SE related factoid every day. I donated some time, and research, into providing some more facts for the notifications.

  • If recorded from birth, the average person’s video would be 7 hours long.
  • Oldest living person? Jiroemon Kimura. He’s 115 years old, and his video would be 11.5 hours long so far.
  • Planet Earth’s life would make a video over 50,000 years long. The history of Man? About 2 years.
  • Used 1SE to record what you eat? Your taste buds changed completely for each 15 seconds you saved.
  • Lonesome George would have racked up over 10 hours of video. Just very, very slowly.