I’m currently taking on passionate new clients looking to boost their communications or discuss experience design. If you like what you’ve seen in my portfolio, get in touch!

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Example Projects and Costs

iOS or Mac App Store Description


65% of app downloads start with a search in the App Store. Make sure your app stands out from the crowd with a great App Store Description. One which highlights the benefits and features of your application.

Example: Sketch 3 Mac App Store Description

App Content Review

Starting at £425/$560

Modern app designs gets out of the way, letting your content stand front and foremost, so it has never been more important to have great copy and content in your application.

During an App Content Review, I look at every piece of content in your application and offer suggestions on how it can be improved (or maybe even removed) to give a better experience.

Communication Review

Starting at £425/$560

The words and tone we use are more important than ever. Your company has to stand out from everyone else, whilst respecting the different interpretations we all can read into things. A communication review makes sure you’re on the right track, identifying areas for improvement.

Example: Spark by Readdle

Your Next Project or Product


I’m currently taking on new work in communication and product writing. If you’re looking for someone to find the right words for the job, get in touch.