Laptop Locker Signage - 3D Problem Solving

Laptop Locker Signage - 3D Problem Solving

Project Outline

For Unit 6, I will be working for a client and with a fellow student to solve the real-world, three- dimensional problem of students understanding and interacting with East Kent College’s new smart laptop locker system.

Through the application of information and visual design, our aim is to improve interaction between the students and the laptop lockers, making them a more effective learning resource for East Kent College in Broadstairs, Dover and Folkestone.

The following is a PDF report created as the end result of Unit 6. It’s a long read (clocking in at 25 pages), but is a good example of where I’m currently at in research and reporting.

Unit 6 Report

Attached is the PDF report for my Unit 6 website project.

This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF.


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