Jesmonite Jewellery

Jesmonite Jewellery

As part of my Level 3 Art and Creative Design course, I worked with Folkestone-based artist Matt Rowe to create a series of jesmonite products as part of a material study.

The ultimate result of this process was a series of four space-inspired jesmonite pendants - called Void, Solar, Lunar and Martian.


Multi-coloured terazzo adds a stellar quality to this dark purple jesmonite pendant, hinting to the colour-specked expanse that is the void of space.


Red terazzo adds heat and character to this yellow jesmonite, hinting to the warmth and light of our own sun.


The cratered white landscape of this pendant hints to the pock-marked surface of our nearest stellar neighbour, the moon.


The bright red colouration of this pendant reminds us of the stark red surface of Mars, our planetary neighbour and potential new home.

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