HXWARTH - Logo and Guest Design

HXWARTH - Logo and Guest Design


HXWARTH (pronounced “Howarth”) is a collection of streetwear by the young fashion designer Jack Howarth. Jack was looking for a new logo to better represent the collection, so I helped him put one together. Then, I used the new logo to design a couple of minimalist pieces for Jack to showcase in an upcoming photoshoot.


The HXWARTH logo is inspired by the urban environment, graffiti, and the boldness of the fonts and colours used in these environments. It is designed to be used in a variety of colour-ways, to match the mood and context of the piece.


HXWARTH Orange logo on royal blue background

HXWARTH blue logo on black

HXWARTH blue logo on white background

HXWARTH green logo on red background

HXWARTH purple logo on yellow background

HXWARTH layered logo on white hoodies worn by Jack Howarth and Chealsie Wild

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