City Portraits Chapter One


Over the years, a selection of cities have inspired me. The City Portraits celebrates these cities. We start with Berlin.

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Introducing Z-House

Housing. The Next Generation.

The UK has a housing problem. Houses are too small and too expensive for the next generation and their families. Z-House aims to solve that problem by applying the design process to the problem.

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Monzo Charity Pots

A new way of giving to charity

How do you make it easy for Monzo customers to donate to charity straight from the Monzo app on iPhone and Android? That's the problem I'm trying to solve.

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Elite Gaming Logo

A new logo for a new store

Designing a new logo mark for a local board gaming store.

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Laptop Locker Signage

Informational signage for students and staff

Improving the accessibility and usability of a new smart laptop locker system at East Kent College in Folkestone, Dover and Broadstairs.

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The Edge - Laptop Vinyls

Easily identify laptops in a busy classroom

Designing, making and fitting a solution to identifying and keeping track of college laptops.

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MTG Commander Overlay

A web-based streaming overlay

A web-based OBS overlay and admin panel for Commander games of the popular Magic The Gathering card game.

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Walk to the Moon

Nerd up your fitness with this walking tracking app and community idea.

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