Sam Hutchings

Experience & Product Designer

Designing experiences.

Whatever I'm designing, I'm designing an experience. Something that will solve a problem and bring joy to those who use it, online and off. In the real world, or the digital one.

I bring a business-oriented and human-centred approach to my design work. Combining understanding of business, communication, people and design to create a top-notch experience.

Previous work.

Informational signage for laptop lockers.

Working for East Kent College Technology Services alongside a fellow student, I worked to solve the real-world problem of students understanding and interacting with East Kent College’s new smart laptop locker system.

We looked at the use of information design in the real world, as well as the cultural and material properties of stickers and their placement. This research helped us understand how words, shapes and colours are used to convey information, including on road signage, warning labels, and ticket vending machines

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The design of the Z-House is somewhat of a selfish endeavour. As a “Millennial”, I’ve long lived in a world where the typical cost of a house is way beyond the affordable limit for me. And as I’ve seen the housing market continue to get pricier and pricier, and my friends around me continue to be as unable to afford a house as I am, I was driven to try and design a solution that would give comfortable and affordable modern housing to a new generation of home owner.

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O2 service design.

Part of the in-store team at O2, I worked tirelessly to ensure that each and every customer got the best experience possible. From training staff, to refining processes, to designing custom POS to alert customers to in-store offers and services.

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Other interests.


In a former life, I was a copywriter. Because of this, writing still plays an integral role in my creative process. You can read my thoughts on design and other subjects over at Medium.


I tweet. Not as much as I used to, but still quite a bit. It's a semi-curated stream of my in-the-moment thoughts and ideas. You can follow @Smutchings on Twitter to read more.


Me and my friends regularly meet up and play boardgames. Modern boardgames. Like Pandemic, Gloomhaven, and Exploding Kittens. They're a great way to let off steam and catch up with what's been going on.

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