Hey there!

Welcome to my portfolio, where I hope you see what inspires me in design and art.

The driving force behind my design is a passion to design a better world for my contemporaries and those who will come after me. Through the application of ideas, great and small, to the creative process, I hope to design better things for everyone.

Though I'm just starting on my design journey, I've spent the least ten years working as a copywriter and techincal support agent in the "real world". I've worked with big name brands - such as O2, Apple, King.com, Typeform and Lexus - to help them communicate with and support their customers effectively.

I've just gone back to college to study a Level 3 Diploma in Art and Creative Design at The Edge School of Creative and Business. This website is the outcome of much of that learning, bringing various processes together into one designed product.

I'm currently looking for freelance opportunities. Towards July, I'll be looking for full-time opportunities in the design sector, either in the UK or Berlin.

I hope you enjoy the content you see here. And do get in touch if you think we'd design amazing things together.

- Sam

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